Natural Stone Pavers

  • If you are looking to enhance the look of your property by installing something that screams high-end beauty and luxury, then look no further than choosing travertine pavers.  Travertine pavers are the most exquisite type of paver around.  Made of natural stone, travertine is one of Mother Earth’s most amazing creations and artistic masterpieces because it comes in an incredible array of the most beautiful colors and stunningly unique designs and patterns.  Ranging from rich golds, warm browns, cool beiges, and clean ivories, to colors that are known for their striking accents of rose, salmons, grey-blues, and more, travertine pavers can instantaneously transform your outdoor space into one that looks like it belongs to royalty. 

    In addition to the aesthetic appearance of lavish grandeur, travertine is exceptional for its versatility and functionality.  While this stone can be cut into just about any size paver a client could dream of, it is also incredibly durable and requires little to no maintenance.  Travertine is known for being exceptionally easy to clean and you don’t have to worry about Travertine King’s products getting stained.  Unlike ordinary pavers, often made of compounds of cement and rock mixtures, which chip, crack, and break, all of the time, Travertine can withstand the most severe temperatures and can withstand an impressive amount of weight, pressure, and abuse.  So, if you are looking to stand out, update your space, or even install something new, leave the ordinary behind.  Live like royalty or the rich and famous; create the most unique, functional, and amazing outdoor oasis you have ever dreamed of by choosing travertine pavers.

    • Goldfinger


    • Ivory Classic

      Light to Beige Tones of Ivory

    • Leonardo


    • Noce

      Rich Deep Tones of Brown

    • Scabos

      Beige to Tan Tones of Brown

    • Silver

      Rich Deep Tones of Brown

    • Shirley Temple