Goldfinger Paving Stone

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Gold with rich tones of brown.


Walkways, Patios, Driveways, Pool Decks, Steps


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Travertine King’s richest looking travertine paver is Goldfinger.  Ringing true to the name, this color paver is suited to resemble some of the most precious treasures of the world as it is the true embodiment of gold.  Like all of our natural stone pavers, Goldfinger comes in many different tones, with some being a deep, rich gold, through and through.  Others shades of this color may be found, weighing on the lighter side, in varying degrees of beige, with gold accents and patterns throughout.  While Goldfinger can be a strong color, it is also incredibly dynamic and versatile.

Goldfinger travertine can quickly transform any ordinary space into the epitome of lavish grandeur.  Within the inside of a home, whether it be in the kitchen, entrance hall, or even a bathroom, the rich, gold tones become a focal point, ideal for being paired with other colors typically associated with royalty.  Crimson reds, royal blues, and deep purples compliment this luxurious stone, turning your home or room into something of extravagance.  When used in outdoor entertaining spaces, patios, or surrounding pools, Goldstone takes on the air of natural, rustic, earthly tones.  A perfect contrast to lush, green lawns, it is also perfect for hiding dirt; as dirt not only blends in, but can actually give the stone more distinct patterns and make it even more visually interesting.