Fountain / Planters


Tired of the same boring and bland scenery?  Are you looking to spruce up your yard or property?  Purchasing and installing a fountain or planter is perfect way to add flair and interest to your yard or property.  Fountains and stone planters offer a simple solution to adding your own footprint and style into your outside space, taking it from ordinary to extraordinary.  Although they may seem to be relatively small items or characteristics, fountains and stone planters can add value to a property, tie together different surfaces or structures, act as a focal point, and to completely transform your outside space. 


As Long Island’s largest and most popularly used travertine and natural stone suppliers, Travertine King, Inc. carries a large variety of granite and marble planters.  We are dedicated to understanding our clients and accommodating the unique styles and needs of each and everyone, which is why our selection showcases a diverse mixture of designs, sizes, stones, colors, and prices. Travertine King, Inc. and our specialists are experts in the industry and cater to both residential and commercial clients, as well as jobs of all sizes.  Additionally, Travertine King, Inc. is proud to extend our services to incorporate custom designs and orders, for clients that are in the market for something different, rare, and one of a kind. 


If you are looking to give your yard or property a facelift, without the time, mess, and expense that goes along with a complete renovation, adding a fountain or stone planter from Travertine King, Inc. is a easy, quick, and affordable solution.  Our specialists will work with you, one-on-one, in order to help find the perfect design, color, and stone for you.  Furthermore, our design experts can create a virtual representation, in 3-D, so you can see firsthand, what the structure will look like, once it is incorporated into your landscape design.  Travertine King, Inc. is dedicated to doing everything we can for our customers.  As a result, we guarantee to stop at nothing to find the perfect piece or stone to create the perfect backyard oasis, jaw-dropping outside entertainment space, peaceful courtyard, or professional appearance.