Quality Products

All travertine pavers has holes and voids and will always vary slightly in color it is part of what makes the look so rustic, beautiful & unique. When purchasing higher quality material the amount and size of holes/ voids will be kept to a minimum and color purity will be better. Quality is based on many things which aren't always visible including color purity, voids, density, (PSI strength) and porosity.

The process begins by cutting/ extracting blocks from the quarry. Density, color and porosity of the blocks are determined and then separated into 3 areas for production of 1st, 2nd &3rd quality materials. 1st quality blocks are used to make what is considered hand select material which is the highest in quality and considered the most valuable. Blocks are then cut and finished into pavers and tile. Reputable quarries whom which we do business with will add an additional step to the quality process which is hand evaluating each piece after production and removing pieces with large & many holes/ voids and poor color quality.