Veneers are used to cover walls or face steps and foundations.  Veneers are offered in all Travertine, Marble and granite stones.  Natural stone veneers can be used to easily make old walls, steps and structures look new again without demolition. 

As Long Island’s number one paver and stone distributor and retailer, Travertine King Inc. understands the diverse needs of our clientele.  Although it is ideal for all surfaces and structures to be built from scratch, with the stone of choice, this isn’t always a feasible reality.  That is why Travertine King Inc. offers our clients a vast selection of veneer products to choose from, which are available in an incredible array of shapes, sizes, colors, textures, stones, and materials.


What are veneers?

In the design and construction industry, a veneer is any material which is cut relatively thin and applied onto a preexisting surface.  Veneers are commonly used by contractors in the form of wood, stone, and similar materials.  They are cut to size and then glued, cemented, or nailed to another surface, giving it a new look.Veneers are a relatively inexpensive way to update or renovate your home, building, or any surface.  They are most popularly used to give fireplaces, walls, grills, foundations, and steps a new, unique facelift.  Veneers are perfect for creating feature walls and adding some flair to the exterior front of your home.  Fashions and styles change, as do our client’s tastes and their unique personalities and requirements, which is why Travertine King, Inc. makes it our priority to offer an impressive selection of stone veneers.  As the island’s biggest stone supplier, Travertine King, Inc’s selection of stone veneers includes:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Travertine

  • Other stones and materials available upon special request:
Instead of incurring the mess, stress, and costly expenses of demolishing preexisting surfaces and structures that may be built out of wood, tile, or stone, choosing to purchase and install veneers is a much wiser decision.  The process of applying veneers is much quicker and cleaner than building, rebuilding, replacing, or renovating a structure. Veneers allow DIYers (Do-It-Yourselfers) an easy alternative to installing a brand new surface or structure, while the savings by way of materials, time, and labor is truly astounding.With Travertine King, Inc., not only will you discover a remarkable selection of products, but we guarantee you will have an unforgettable experience.  Our specialists are experts in the variety of stones and products we carry, affording them the ability to offer educational tips or advice, answer any questions you have, help you determine if veneers are the right choice for you, and help you with your selection.  Travertine King, Inc. also goes above and beyond for our clients, offering three-dimensional virtual, representation of your design so you can see what it will look like, beforehand.  Finally, we will also put you in contact with some of the greatest contractors on Long Island, who we work with each day and can make your vision or our design a reality.For more information about veneers, contact us at (631) 361-KING.