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Vein Cut with antique white
The Leonardo Paver has a classic base with black/charcoal veins, white veins & hints of amber & brick red brown tones


Walkways, Patios, Driveways, Pool Decks, Steps

Leonardo Gallery

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The Leonardo paver cannot be described without immediately shedding light on the name it bears and where it comes from. Travertine King’s Leonardo paver can easily be considered a work of art or masterpiece, itself.  This stone, with a classic color base, is quarried directly from the earth and its appearance is absolute astounding.  The Leonardo comes in an impressive assortment of tones, with just as many colors in its veins.  The veins, which may be found in black, charcoal, white, chocolate, create some of the most unique patterns and designs.  Hints of amber and brick-red tones can also be found throughout some of the pieces, adding the final touches to what appears to be a naturally made artistic masterpiece. 

The rich chocolate-brown of the Leonardo paver resonates strength and power.  This particular stone makes a bold statement and is quite intense.  The beauty of the patterns and designs of the Leonardo tend to be incredibly complex and intricate, yet it is not too busy.  This color is most often found within the inside of homes, rather than the outside because it is so dark.  Within a home, Leonardo paves can transform a space into a warm, welcoming area, but it also creates an atmosphere of affluence and privilege.  Due to its art-like features and patterns, the area needn’t be filled with much; the Leonardo paver adds all of the character, design, and accent a space would ever need.