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Darker tones of brown


Walkways, Patios, Driveways, Pool Decks, Steps

Noce Gallery

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Noce, derived for the Italian language, specifically means nut or walnut.  However, others are known to understand noce to mean brown.  Whether translating it to mean walnut or brown, it is is the simplest and most accurate description of this colored travertine paver.  Noce travertine is not a beige tone, but a deeper, darker color brown.  However, like all natural stones, noce does come in a variety of shades, some lighter and others darker.  The texture of travertine is still apparent in Noce, but most shades lack the unique veins and patterns of lighter color travertine.  On the other hand, this deep brown stone, which resembles silky smooth chocolate, is warming and soothing.

Noce is a very impressive color paver, especially when viewing a completed project, with all of the pavers cemented together for a finished look.  It is most commonly used for walkways, steps, and distinct patio space or outdoor entertaining areas, as opposed to the hardscape surrounding a pool.  This is because most individuals find Noce to be too dark for such areas.  Nevertheless, Noce travertine has a surprisingly remarkable look to it, one of wealth and affluence.  The rich color of the stone gives off a sense of luxury and can be easily compared to magnificent Brazilian hardwood floors.  Noce travertine is the extravagant hardwood for the outdoors.