Shirley Temple / Red Paver

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Beige marble with red & Crystal veins


Walkways, Patios, Driveways, Pool Decks, Steps

Red Spider Gallery

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Our Shirley Temple travertine pavers are by far the most unique of all.  Shirley Temple comes in a broad spectrum of different shades, with incredible patterns.  On the more subtle and reserved end of the spectrum, the stone is mostly beige in color; however the pavers are accented with natural spider veins of reds, pinks, and crystals.  On the brightest and most end of the spectrum, Shirley Temple are available in beautiful shades of light, pale, pinks, to intense roses. 

Shirley Temple travertine pavers are wonderful for adding a touch of color to any area, while the vivid pinks are the perfect colors to make a statement or add flare to your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor living space.  If you are looking for some interesting pops of color, Shirley Temple is also perfect for use as an accent stones, alongside a more natural or neutral colored stone, such as our Silver or Ivory Classic travertine pavers.  If you dare to try something different, try mixing this beautiful stone with the Leonardo travertine, for bold contrasts in color and pattern.  Regardless of which shade you decide to go with, our Shirley Temple pavers are guaranteed to be a topic of conversation.