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Antique white with a blend of charcoal & ambary salmon undertones
Scabos travertine pavers make a statement like no other stone. The blend of antique light coloring with darker shades of charcoal, deep burgundy and colors that could not be imagined a true product of our beautiful planet.


Walkways, Patios, Driveways, Pool Decks, Steps

Scabos Gallery

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Scabos is one of the most stylish and interesting colored travertine available.  What makes Scabos so unique is that it is the only colors which showcases a careful balance and blend of natural/neutral colors, while adding an extra splash of color.  The majority of Scabos colored travertine contains underlying colors of whites and ivories, as well as various shades of gray and charcoal.  On the other hand, depending on the piece and cut, Scabos can be found with punches of different beiges, ambary salmons, and deep burgundies.  This naturally formed stone displays Mother Nature’s incredibly ability to create pieces of art.

If you are looking for a tile that is guaranteed to add character to your outdoor space, then Scabos is the way to go.  Its foundation of calm, neutral colors makes Scabos incredibly versatile in that it can be used with just about any other color tile, furniture, or paint.  The natural look also makes it very popular because it can be installed in areas that are lacking design or a focal piece, as well as areas that are full of color, design, and flare.  The pops of accent colors in Scabos are perfect for complimenting pre-existing structures, foundations, furniture, landscaping, and more.  The patterns and inflections not only give the travertine a personality of its own, but it is bound to give your patio, pool area, walkways, entertaining space, or any other area, a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable personality that will be the center of conversation.